If you think happiness is all about sunshine, you clearly never dance in the rain :)

08 January 2014

Sebelum aku pergi.

Sebelum aku mati, aku berharap sangat dapat tatap Kaabah depan mata aku sendiri.
At least sekali.

Berserah semuanya pada Allah SWT.
Bila Dia rasa aku dah cukup bersedia untuk ke rumahNya, Dia akan bukakan jalan.
InsyaAllah :)


18 October 2013

Trip to Taman Negara Pahang.

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

So this time, i want to tell you about my recent trip to Taman Negara Pahang with my girlfriends. It was during the last week before we all end our diploma and go back to our home. So me and my other 5 friends kinda decided to go there on the spot, without thinking about the budget or place to stay. At all! Haha. Luckily we managed to get enough money to stay there for 3 days 2 night :)

Date: 08 Oct 2013 - 10 Oct 2013
Place: Taman Negara Pahang

08 Oct 2013

The night before we went there, me and Mimi decided to stay at the Rantau-nian house since we have to wake up early the next day. Early la sangat! We end up waking up one hour late than we suppose to. This is what happened when you go to sleep at 4am, thinking you could wake up one hour later at 5am. Pfftt...haha..
Masing2 semua mengantuk but the plan must go on. hehe
So we woke up at 6am and get our things and cars ready.

Before we start our trip :)

 Playing song out loud while we pack our things

Picking up Ari from college

 Breakfast first!

We started our journey at around 10 am,using 2 cars.

 Here we go!

 Lena Ain tido kat belakang ye :P

 Mimi, driver of Cik Baizura <-----name given by the boys of Prodigy for my car 'CBP2443' -____-"

About 3 hours later, we reached Kuala Tahan at 12 pm.

 Kuala Tahan!

Posing for pictures first ^_^

Posing with Daebak <-----another name given by Prodigy boys for this car

Asking around to find place to stay for tonight

Pictures again. hehe

Then we met Abg Bad. He told us everything that we need to know, what to do here and recommended place for us to stay with reasonable price. Thank u Abg Bad! :)

Listening to Abg bad explanation.

 Mimi and Ari.

Me and my Mimi :)

Lepas check in, naik bot untuk ke seberang.

Taman Negara!

Mini Market.
Its a little bit pricey here.


Park centre!

Price for the entry permit, camera, canopy, all stated and can be paid here.

Kelah square!

The fishes here are HUGE!

Reading information about the fishes here.

My lovely friends :)

Boyband pose :P

In the boat, back to Kuala Tahan.

After that, we went back to our room and get changed. For the activities that evening, we got Abg Bad as our tour guide. We went Rapid Shooting ( naik bot redah jeram), Kampung Orang Asli and mandi sungai. FUN!

4 pm, waiting for our boat.

Naik bot Abg Jack Sparrow. Haha

I dont remember what we talked about but im sure it was funny. hehe


While Rapid Shooting, not a single photo was taken. Haha. Dah confirmed memang akan basah, kamera memang simpan lah.
I tell you, Rapid shooting was a lot of fun!
If you come here, please, pleaseeee try it. You wont regret it :D

Then we reached Perkampungan Orang Asli Batek.

 The childrens of Batek people.

Listening to Abg Bad explanation about the Batek people.

It was very, very interesting to learn about the Batek people. Their lifestyle, their language,their believe, how they hunt for food and a lot of other stuff.
If you want to know, you need to come here.

explaining about "sumpit'.
Their weapon for hunting.

Every lines on this sumpit symbolized the animals that the owner have killed.

The sumpit also can be used to make certain sound.

Bekas untuk mata sumpit.

That teddy bear was the target for this demonstration on how to sumpit.

Mata sumpit.
Sharp and dangerous.

That guy in the blue shirt was Tok Batin for this village. The guys in red is Tahan. He was demonstrating on how to start a fire using woods.

Tok Batin

Learning how to use sumpit

Looking around at the village

Their houses.

Actually there is a lot more interesting things that i want to show, things that i saw at the village, but sadly my camera's battery went dead around that time :(

Then we went mandi sungai!
The water was so refreshing and a little bit cold.
i had fun :)
Luckily Yana's tab was there and able to capture this pic :)


Lepas puas main air, we went back to Kuala Tahan.

At night, since it was raining, we just decided to lepak at kedai kopi.
We had dinner while listening to Abg Bad and his friends playing music :)
Singing along with them :)

We went to bed pretty late, but im not gonna tell how late. :P
On our way back to our room, we met someone from New Zealand. He's only 18 years old but he already traveled around Asia for 5 months already, alone. Wow...i wish i could travel like that :( It would be a life long dream come true.

09 Oct 2013

The next day, after we had our breakfast, we went for a little jungle trekking ( well, i would say, walk :P ) in Taman Negara.

Before we start..

Dalam hutan pon boleyyy..

Argh..those stairs...i hate them.
We all hate them.


Ari being cute. Hehe..

Out of the forest.

Ari and her new boyfriend?? Haha

Encounter these little children.
Im as tall as them. Haha

Around 3 pm, we went back to Taman Negara but this time by boat.
We went straight to where the conopy walkway start.

By boat again. Wohoo!


Beautiful view from the conopy.

At the end of the conopy walkway.

And then, of course, we asked Abg Bad to take us to mandi sungai, again! haha

Happy face :)

At night. 
At first we planned to go back home, to Jengka after mandi sungai, but since it looks like it was going to rain, and it is dangerous to drive in the rain, we decided to stay here for one more night.

But no lepaking for this night, because we just found out that we had an assignment that we need to submit the next day.
So here we were, trying to finish our assignment, at kedai kopi, while listening to all these Abg playing guitar and singing :)

Rajin.. ~

Again, we went to bed pretty late :)

10 Oct 2013

After we packed our things, we went to get breakfast and get ready to go back home :)

Kuala Tahan :)


Goodbye Taman Negara.

Me driving.
Scary hand  :S

Daebak in front.

Well, thats it. About my trip to Taman Negara Pahang.
Even though i already went there before, but this time, it was a lot more fun, because i get to go with my girlfriends :)
We laughed, share memories, experienced new things together :)
I'm never gonna forget this. We need to come here again!
Love u all,
Mimi, Sha, Ain, Ari, Yana :)

Our memories together :)

p/s: hey NZ boy, i have a crush on you. Ok bye :P